Sadigh Gallery Reviews Cultural Art

As the source for antiquities, ancient coins, and jewelry, the gallery is known for its vast collection. Both seasoned and new collectors will surely be delighted with the gallery's offerings. Those who want to look at Sadigh Gallery's entire collection can check out its official website,, and its physical store located at Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.


From bottles to pots to coins, the pieces from Sadigh Gallery have indeed become part of many households

Some customers have even noted the appeal of the catalog on the website that showcases the beauty of the ancient world, much like a virtual tour of a museum.


Sadigh Gallery needs to be one of your go-to spots if you’re in New York

“The gallery is a family-run business so you’ll get the chance to meet the owner himself and he’ll be able to help you find that special antique that’s meant for you.”


Collectors can trust that the items they purchased are authentic

Sadigh Gallery has been featured in publications such as NY Newsday, Celator, Coin World Magazine, Ornament Magazine, and Medical Device and Diagnostics Magazine.

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