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A family-owned art gallery, Sadigh Gallery reviews and specializes in ancient artifacts and coins from around the world.  In 1978, Michael Sadigh established the gallery as a small mail order company and operated it on his own.  Having succeeded in his venture, he moved the business in 1982 to its current location on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.  For the past 40 years, Sadigh Gallery has established its name in the ancient artifact dealership. 

Sadigh Gallery reviews that every ancient art, jewelry, coin, and antique in its collection is authentic.  As it reviews each item and transaction, customer satisfaction is the gallery’s top priority. Each package comes with a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity issued by the gallery. The gallery also provides secure packing to ensure that the purchases arrive intact and safe. A return privilege is available for any reason covering a full refund of the purchase price. 

The family-owned business truly values its interaction with its customers.  A large percentage of Sadigh Gallery’s customers have been with them for over 10 to 20 years, and the team treats them more like friends and family instead of just business partners. 

Sadigh Gallery reviews and acquires ancient valuables from different parts of the world.  Almost all cultures and ancient civilizations are represented in its collection.  Sadigh Gallery has been featured in several newspapers and magazines such as NY Newsday, Celator, Coin World Magazine, Ornament Magazine, and Medical Device and Diagnostics Magazine.

An established business, Sadigh Gallery handles hundreds of ancient artifacts, ancient art, jewelry, and coins from around the world, including traditional African masks, spears, and drinking vessels; an eclectic mix of ancient Asian antiquities such as Japanese swords, statues of gods and goddesses from the Chinese mythology, and Indian paintings and illustrations; and oil lamps, arrowheads,  and medical instruments from the Greco-Roman era, among others. The prices of Sadigh Gallery’s collectibles are very reasonable, which makes an excellent choice for first-time collectors. The New York-based gallery also does appraisals to prevent the spread of fake items.

Whether one is new to the art collection scene or a long-time connoisseur, Sadigh Gallery will always have something special for its customers.  Those who want to expand their collection can check out the gallery’s website, SadighGallery.com, ask for a catalog, or visit its Manhattan store to see its diverse collectibles.  Having a piece from the past is a delight for archaeology, history, and art enthusiasts.