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Sadigh Gallery reviews authentic cultural artifacts from many parts of the world.  As the source for antiquities, ancient coins, and jewelry, the gallery is known for its vast collection.  Both seasoned and new collectors will surely be delighted with the gallery’s offerings. Those who want to look at Sadigh Gallery’s entire collection can check out its official website,, and its physical store located at Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. 

With its affordable ancient art, coins, and other artifacts, Sadigh Gallery reviews the valuable items it puts on sale to offer the best deals for collectors of every level.  The gallery has a large customer base that has been supporting the business for 10 to 20 years. It considers its customers as good friends instead of business partners and greatly treasures this interaction.

Sadigh Gallery reviews each collectible to ensure that its customers get the items that they have been looking for.  Through the years, collectors have grown their display with the help of the gallery.  Those who started the hobby of collecting ancient art and coins will find like-minded people in Sadigh Gallery who will help them find valuable treasures that they can be proud of.  Aside from finding an item they can keep, customers can also learn more about the culture it belongs to.  Sadigh Gallery is the perfect choice for those new to collecting coins, ancient art, and antiquities.

Every antiquity in the collection is given with a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity along with additional documentation and information regarding the individual artifact and its culture.  Before selling, Sadigh Gallery reviews every item represented by almost every culture throughout recorded history from Africa and Europe to the Middle East and South America. Collectors can trust that the items they purchased are authentic.  The interesting finds in the gallery can be given as a gift especially for those who are enthusiastic about ancient history and archeology.  Sadigh Gallery has been featured in publications such as NY Newsday, Celator, Coin World Magazine, Ornament Magazine, and Medical Device and Diagnostics Magazine.

Driven to provide only exemplary service to its customers, Sadigh Gallery reviews each transaction and ensures a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Return Policy.  The packages are also secured to ensure that they arrive safely to their owners.  On Sadigh Gallery’s official website, one can take a look at the collectibles arranged by culture, or they can receive a full-color catalog.  Aside from selling antiquities, the gallery also does appraisals. Those who want to know more about the ancient collections or are interested in buying through the phone can call the team at 1-800-426-2007.