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Ancient Greek Art: A Review by Sadigh Gallery

Sadigh Gallery has been showcasing some of the most fascinating artifacts in human history.  From artworks to coins, the gallery is indeed heaven for people with a deep appreciation for all things artistic and historical.  Today, Sadigh Gallery takes a closer look at the art of Ancient Greece, from its earliest days to what is…
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Sadigh Gallery: Ancient African Art

For enthusiasts of ancient artifacts, rare coins, and overall history, Sadigh Gallery can prove to be quite a haven.  The gallery-museum houses some of the most fascinating historical objects ever to be discovered.  Over the years, Sadigh Gallery has come out with a series of blogs to educate readers about the rich and wondrous history…
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Of Religion and the Afterlife: Sadigh Gallery Reviews Ancient Egyptian Art

The ancient Egyptian civilization can be considered as the greatest during its peak.  Its systems, religion, art, and other contribution to humanity has influenced generations that came after them, such as the Greeks and the Romans.  Up to this day, many people are still curious about this ancient era.  For this blog post, Sadigh Gallery…
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