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Sadigh Gallery needs to be one of your go-to spots if you’re in New York

“The gallery is a family-run business so you’ll get the chance to meet the owner himself and he’ll be able to help you find that special antique that’s meant for you.

From ancient necklaces to urns to paintings to seals and scrolls, you’ll find unique pieces from all over the world. The collection has something from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Italy, and more.

Whether you’re a collector or just someone who wants a small, special artifact, you can just mention your budget and the curator will help you find a range of items within your desired price range.

If you’re not in New York, you can still check the catalog online and contact the owner if you’re search of a special piece and they’ll deliver it to your doorstep. Even though it’s not the same as being in the gallery, the website is pretty easy to browse through to find what you’re in search of. More pieces are added to the catalog as they’re found, so if something you wanted isn’t in stock at the moment, you might find it later.”

  • Paul W

Will be buying from here again sometime soon.

“I had bought some ancient coins from here and was interested in them but I decided that I wanted to exchange them for something else. I spoke to the owner and he was very respectful to me. I ended up exchanging the coins for an ancient necklace and I am very happy with my purchase. Will be buying from here again sometime soon.”

  • Brian M

Best Antiques store in NYC

“One of the best Antiques stone in the NYC and all authentic products and the huge collection I would suggest worth seeing them for all Antiques Lover.

Thanks Mike for being with us, showing us all the items and with detail description.”

  • Haresh S

The best of the best! Sadigh Gallery places authentic artifacts in the hands of art lovers, collectors, and connoisseurs.

“I purchased a collection of multiple items from Sadigh Gallery. Michael Sadigh and the staff at Sadigh Gallery was more concerned with my satisfaction from the quality, authenticity, and price of the artifacts than benefiting from the transaction! Michael and the staff at Sadigh Gallery acted pure in heart and truly treated me selflessly! I have been fascinated by ancient art for years now and Sadigh Gallery is by far the finest gallery I have encountered due to their selection and the manor they treat their clientele! Sadigh Gallery is family-owned and world-class. The gallery itself is superlative! Sadigh Gallery is located on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York City! Please give Sadigh Gallery a chance. I guarantee they will impress you!”

  • Troy M

I have been collecting coins for over 20 years and I can attest that Sadigh Gallery’s collection is the most extensive and varied I have ever seen.

“I recently purchased an Alexander the Great coin from them and they were nice enough to put it in a ring for me. I am very pleased with it. It is quite attractive and the right size. Thank you very much for having this custom-made for me and for the prompt delivery!!!!”

  • Tarun A

“I saw a catalog from this place while I was visiting a friend and was amazed at how much stuff they have.”

“A couple years later I wanted to get an Italian friend something really special and thought of this place. There’s a lot of negative stuff on the web about them but I fell in love with an ancient Italian pottery pitcher they had and the price was perfect for me. Bought it. Gave it to my Italian friend who LOVED IT too. A friend appraised the piece and said it was worth more than I paid for it. Yaaayyy mmmeee!!!!”

  • Ms B. | Columbia, MO

“Sadigh Gallery offers new and experienced collectors as well as those looking for that special gift.”

If you are a lover of ancient art and happen to find yourself in New York City, a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a must, as is a visit further down Fifth Avenue to the Sadigh Gallery. It’s one thing to visit great art, it’s another to actually own a piece, even a modest one. Sadigh Gallery offers new and experienced collectors as well as those looking for that special gift, an amazing selection of artworks and artifacts from every corner of the ancient world, too many to count priced in the several hundred to less than one-hundred-dollar range. Lost interest in something you bought there a few years before? No problem. Return it for a full refund, or better yet, apply the amount to a future purchase. I have a small collection of ancient sculptures that I enjoy daily, as do my friends and visitors to my home. I purchased most of them from Michael Sadigh and remain a 100% satisfied customer. Visit them online if you’re unable to do so in person. You won’t regret it.

  • Peter R. | Ithaca, NY

“This store really is a gem.”

“You’ll find an unmatched selection of direct imported Egyptian antiques as well as Greek and Persian antiques. The owner personally selects all of the imports and I’ve never had an issue with any of my orders. In fact we visited the gallery on a recent trip to NYC. I found the perfect X-mas gift for my husband and am very pleased with the price I paid. The owner is so helpful and friendly. And the prices are very reasonable.”

  • Nancy H. | New York, NY

“Shopping at Sadigh Gallery was an absolute pleasure.”

“The staff were extremely helpful and my wife could not be happier with the antique we purchased. I really like it. I will come here and enjoy it. I hope have more people come here and have fun.”

  • Hien M. | London, United Kingdom

“Thanks for suggesting a beautiful ring for my loving wife and she really loved it a lot.”

“Your suggestion worked and we had a nice time on our anniversary. Thanks for your help and support…. God Bless You.”

  • Chris C. | San Francisco, CA

“I’m really happy with my purchase!”

“Sumerian necklace just caught my eye some a week ago, and I really wanted it , Ancient green stone disc beads designed on a modern necklace setting to be more exact, dating around 3000 Bc and with the price of only around two hundred bucks, I got it, Now I wear it all the time and I must say, I’m really happy with my purchase!”

  • Mark B. | San Diego, CA

“My Wife and I recently bought an antique statue from Sadigh Gallery in Manhattan.”

“The piece looks marvelous in our new home and we are so thankful for all the help of their knowledgeable staff. We would definitely buy here again and suggest signing up for their mail order catalog and online newsletter because you can often get exclusive deals and discounts that are not offered in-store.”

  • Do M. | Los Angeles, CA

“This is one of the best place we have visited.”

“Me and my friends have a great passion to collect antiques since past 10 years…this is one of the best place we have visited quite often…with its amazing ancient Egyptian artifacts it amaze us a lot…awesome knowledgeable people n very friendly…we have been buying from this store since past 4 years and every time we are happy to see the new collections…we all are really satisfied buying our requirements from here…truly recommend to visit the store…”

  • M.F. | Kew Gardens, NY

“I am a long time collector of ancient near eastern artifacts.”

“I have been Buying from Sadigh gallery for Past 19 years. I trust them, I do visit the gallery every time I am in NYC.”

“What an interesting place to visit!”

“The gallery has thousands of items from all over the world. I purchased 3 items and 2 of them to appraised at a much higher price than I paid for them.”

  • Chris M. | Manhattan, NY